Airy Fairy Mosaic

Mosaic for home and garden


We strongly believe, that the secret of cozy and beautiful interiors is hidden behind tiny extraordinary details.
Unique pieces of interior made by master’s hand have their own souls and tempers. They are able to modify your home, make it cozy and special.
Nothing is impossible for us. We’ll help you to create the house of your dream!


When we see the beauty in the nature, there is nothing to be explained

We just behold


Plays of light and infinite reflections


We create furniture, home stuff, large kaleidoscopes and park mosaics.
More than ten years our studio has been making autor’s mosaics for interiors and landscapes.


- Airy Fairy
Our studio based in Voronezh, Russia.
Open for collaboration worldwide.
Let’s discuss your project! Feel free to contact us.
+7 (954) 08078
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